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An overview of the history of Berlin

During glorious eras and dark times, the importance of the metropolis Berlin grew like no other city. Today, Berlin is one of the multicultural European cities.
The German capital has his origin in the area of today's district of Mitte. On the banks of the River Spree, the two medieval merchants' settlements of Cölln and Berlin were closed to a twin town Cölln-Berlin in 1307.
A city wall was built that communicated to the outside a unity of the two settlements. However, the two kept their own administration and their own household. The settlement, named Berlin, gave his name to the city in the long term. The name Berlin comes from the Slavic language and has the importance of swamp city, since the Businessmen settlement was in the middle of a swampy area, whose surfaces were however dry.


Prussian kings and their plans

In 1709, Berlin became a capital of Prussia, after having united with three other surrounding cities. Under the reign of King Friedrich I, who was artistically inspired, many Baroque castles were built in Berlin. In contrast to him, his son was rather pragmatic. To his reign (1713-1740) he had a new wall built around the expanded city. The population had risen to 90,000. Frederick II was important in his reign (1740-1786) that Berlin became the center of the arts. Thus at the end of the eighteenth century, Berlin flourished again. The number of inhabitants rose to over 150,000.

The Prussian throne was taken over by Wilhelm I in 1861. Otto von Bismarck was appointed Chancellor shortly thereafter. His aim was to found a unified German state, dominated by Prussia. This was done on 18 January 1871. Berlin became the German capital and Wilhelm I became emperor. The industrial boom began. Population growth has grown rapidly. In 1905 more than two million people lived in Berlin.


The second World War

Kaiser Wilhelm II thanked in 1918 after the revolution. Philipp Scheidemann and Karl Liebknecht were politicians. At the end of 1918 they proclaimed the first German republic in Berlin. Two years later, twenty-seven farmyards, 59 rural communities, and seven surrounding towns were incorporated into the metropolis of Berlin. The population of Berlin thus grew to 3.8 million.
Unemployment grew and inflation advanced. The citizens suffered from it. Nevertheless, the city could become the cultural center of Germany.
In 1929 there was a stock exchange crash. The sad mood came very close to the extremist politicians. In 1933 Adolf Hitler was appointed Reichskanzler. Finally, the Second World War began in 1939. The population of Berlin suffered tremendously from supply shortages. The city was bombed again and again. By the end of the war in May 1945 almost the population had halved from 4.3 to 2.8 million.


West Berlin – be an island to the fall of the Wall

Berlin was divided into four sectors after the Second World War. The respective sectors were occupied by American, British, French and Soviet troops. By a blockade of the Western Sectors in 1948, the Soviets tried to occupy the entire city. It was created by the Americans an air bridge, which ensured the supply of the Western Sectors. In May 1949 the common administration and the blockade ended.

Thus in 1949 the Federal Republic of Germany was established with the capital Bonn and the German Democratic Republic with the capital East Berlin. West Berlin was only an island. In 1961, the GDR government decided to build the Wall to curb the flood of refugees into the West. For 28 years the Berlin Wall separated the city. On November 9, 1989 this fell, the borders were open and the people reunited!


Discover the sightseeing with First Class Escort Berlin

Emperor Wilhelm Memorial Church

We name just a few of the many famous sights in Berlin. Visit the memory church with an escort Lady from Escort Berlin, the most famous landmark of Berlin. The Kaiser Wilhelm church was built between 1891 and 1895. Wilhelm II arranged the building in honor of his grandfather Wilhelm I. The building was constructed in romantic style by Franz Schwechten. With many mosaics and wall paintings, as well as numerous towers. Unfortunately it was severely damaged during World War II, 1943. The remaining tower ruins are now a memorial against war and destruction.


Kurfürstendamm - stabling trail

In the west of the city is the world famous Boulevard, Kurfürstendamm, lovingly called Kudamm. It is the number one pedestrian mile in Berlin and the lifeline of the west city. The 3,5 kilometer long walk has many cafes, theaters and many elegant shop windows, according to the French model, which invite to shopping.

As the name suggests, in the middle of the 16th century the Kudamm served as a riding route for the electors in Grunewald. Starting from 1886, the 53-meter-wide boulevard, according to the wishes of the Reichskanzler Otto von Bismarck, was named in the Kurfürstendamm.

Here the new and old architecture is string side by side as, for example, behind the famous Cafè Kranzler from the 1950s to the turn of the century a new glass high-rise slab was built and became the new Kranzler-Eck. Between the Emperor Wilhelm memorial church, Kantstraße and Bahnhof Zoo, the building, which was designed by Frankfurt architect Christoph Mäckler, was opened in 2012. Here is the luxury hotel Waldorf Astoria.

The Käthe-Kollwitz Museum and the Berlin Literaturhaus are located in the Fasanenstraße, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the Kurfürstendamm. In the garden, the beautiful café invites you to linger.

It offers itself to experience the largest department store of Europe, the KaDeWe, department store of the West. The offer is for everyone. You will find both, luxury goods and "normal" goods. Be sure to visit the restaurant - a true gourmet mile.


The Brandenburg Gate

Stroll with one of our charming escort Berlin Ladies at the most famous attraction of the German capital, the gigantic Brandenburg Gate. Located in the historical quarter of Dorotheenstadt, on the Pariser Platz it was built between 1788 and 1791. One of the most important sights and the landmark of Berlin, which has many historical events.

The twenty-six-meter-high, sixty-five-meter-wide and eleven-meter-deep gate was built on a Greek foundation, the gate on the Acropolis served as a model. The victorious goddess, who directs a quadriga into the city, was constructed by order of the Prussian emperor Wilhelm and serves as a reminder of the long-standing war.

With the building of the Wall in 1961, the Brandenburg Gate was impassable. It was located in the restricted area between East and West and served as a border. Twenty-eight years later, after the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989, the Brandenburg Gate served as a symbol of the unity.


Checkpoint Charlie

In the history of Berlin it was probably the most famous border crossing between 1945 and 1990. After World War II Berlin was divided into different sectors. This joined the Soviet and the American Sector and was officially announced by the Americans in 1961 as a provisional checkpoint. Allies and foreigners were allowed to pass this checkpoint.

The most of the escape attempts to the West took place here, which in many cases ended deadly. The checkpoint was dismantled in 1990 and can be admired today in the Allied Museum.


The Reichstag

In 1991 Berlin and not Bonn, with a narrow majority of votes, were given the seat of the Bundestag. Therefore, the Reichstag is in Berlin. The former Parliament House was rebuilt. A modern plenary building arose.

The glass dome, which is located at forty meters high, is the highlight of the Berlin Reichstag. You have a beautiful view over the whole Berlin, if you has climbed the dome.

In 1995, the Reichstag was concealed by the veil artist Christo and his wife Jeanne-Claude. A feast for the eyes ...


Are you looking for an excellent hotel? Here are the recommendations of Escort Berlin

The world famous Adlon Kempinski Hotel

Unter den Linden 77 I 10117 Berlin I +49 30 2 261 0

The Adlon belongs to Berlin like the Brandenburger Gate, where its stands in front of. The Grandhotel was reopened in 1997. However, its furnishings reflect the long tradition. Michael Jackson was already living here. Spend a day or a weekend in one of Berlin's most luxurious hotels. Enjoy the splendor and charm of times gone by in combination with the modern comforts of the hotels. Together with your premium escort, the time will pass quickly and remain unforgettable.


The Ritz Carlton

Potsdamer Platz 3 I 10785 Berlin I +49 30 33 77 77

Experience the luxurious 5-star superior hotel at Potsdamer Platz. One of the most exclusive and elegant addresses in Germany. In the noble and prestigious lobby with the marble staircase, there is a stylish lounge, where the guests meet for the classic "Teatime" in the afternoon. Enjoy the sophisticated service of this hotel with your Escortservice Berlin companion. Guests can relax in the spa area or have a drink in the brasserie with French specialties. Many shopping possibilities are within walking distance.


Waldorf Astoria

Hardenbergstraße 28 I 10623 Berlin I +49 30 8 14 00 00

Impressively, the elegant modern and elegant interior in this classy hotel takes on the style of the 1920s. Wherever you look, shapes and colors are arranged in the most harmonious way. In the Romantic Café you can enjoy the Berlin coffee house culture.


Grand Hyatt

Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 2 (Eingang Eichhornstraße) I 10785 Berlin I +49 30 25 53 12 34

This 5-star hotel is located in the newly-built city center on Potsdamer Platz. Some of the famous sights such as the Reichstag or the Brandenburg Gate are nearby. The modern, technically very well equipped rooms are designed in the puristic style. Let yourself be impressed by the exclusive comfort of the hotel rooms and suites. Enjoy your visit in the "Club Olympus Spa" with an impressive swimming pool above the rooftops of Berlin.


Hotel de Rome

Behrenstraße 37 I 10117 Berlin I +49 30 460 60 90

A luxury hotel on the Babelplatz with the representative framework of a building dating back to 1889, the former seat of the Dresdner Bank. The vault space now serves as a pool.


Restaurant recommendations from Luxury Escort Berlin


Grill Royal

Friedrichstrasse 105b I 10117 Berlin I +49 30 28 87 92 88

An in-address with high celebrity density. The restaurant is famous for his barbecue. The meat can be seen in the glass cold store. A good selection of Bordeaux and Italian wines. A table reservation is advisable.



Französische Straße 47 I 10117 Berlin I +49 30 81 88 62 62

A friendly atmosphere prevails in the classic town house on the Gendarmenmarkt. A trendy restaurant with international cuisine and a charming terrace in the courtyard. A celebrity density is guaranteed. Table reservation is advisable!


Bocca di Bacco

Friedrichstraße 167 I 10117 Berlin I +49 30 20 67 28 28

A restaurant with a modern design with bar and lounge area. With good Italian cuisine. Also here we recommend a table reservation.


Nightlife with Elite Escort Berlin

Thanks to the constantly evolving bar scene in Berlin you can always enjoy new drinks and good cocktails in the right atmosphere. The ideal cocktails of Berlin are shaken and mixed by the best bartenders. Here are just some cocktail bar recommendations, where you can end the evening with your charming escort from Exclusive Escort Berlin.


Bellini Lounge

Oranienburger Straße 42/43 I 10117 Berlin I +49 30 970 056 18

An elegant bar in Berlin Mitte with a great variety of cocktails accompanied by a selection of streetfood. The best bartenders have created the cocktail card here. Enjoy the "Drunken Octopus" or the "James Bond", one of the award-winning cocktails of the bar, with your exclusive girlfriend from Escort Berlin in simple elegance and noble atmosphere.


Saphire Bar

Bötzowstraße 31 I 10407 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg) I +49 30 255 621 58

An impressive selection of some 300 cocktails awaits you in this bar, which is a little off the beaten track. The own creations of the bar chef are marked with a star on the map. Enjoy the individual cocktails with ingredients such as ginger vodka or chocolate, offered with a de luxe service, together with your high class escort in Berlin.


Green Door Cocktailbar

Winterfeldtstraße 50 I 10718 Berlin (Schöneberg) / +49 30 215 251 5

To be able to visit the exquisitely styled bar, you have to ring the door first. A stylish interior and bartenders await you to make the guests feel like a king. The good drinks are affordable in the happy hour for everyone.


Club visit with Deluxe Escort Berlin

In the trendy clubs of the city you can also meet celebrity guests. Thanks to film premieres, fashion events and concerts, one not only meets German stars but also those from Hollywood. Let the stunning escort Berlin Lady be your queen of the night.



Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1 I 10785 Berlin I +49 30 25 89 89 0

In October 2014 was the reopening of the club. With new technology, design and new light, the international DJs can put their show into the stage. There is nothing left of the old baroque atmosphere. On the upper floor you can admire in the Séparées the leather armchairs, which are filled with Swarovski crystals. The "Wall of Fame" can now also be viewed online on social media.


The Pearl

Fasanenstraße 81 I 10623 Berlin I +49 30 3151 88 90

Located opposite the Theater des Westens, the party people, stars and starlets of Berlin, meet here. Celebrate into the night in the lounge area of the club, where the 10 meter high waterfall provides for the party fun. Dance with your escort Berlin on the LED Dancefloor to the beats that come out of the powerful sound system through the night. Experience one of the after work parties, which are regularly announced in the event calendar.


Erotic togetherness with escort Berlin

Invite the attractive escort Lady from Escort Berlin. You will experience cuddly hours and enjoy your stay with passion and tenderness. A cozy ambience, a charming Lady and a wonderful dinner - is there something more beautiful? The Elite Escort Berlin Ladies love to seduce cultured men with irresistible charm, passion and a wonderful body.

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